Smiling Sakura and Syaoran

    Finally a colored pic of S+S in "New Trials" up!!! Sorry... It's not my best coloring or anything... (I had to do it really fast.) But, at least you can have a better picture of what S+S looks like in New Trials. Err... I have many styles of drawing and it often varies when I draw,  so I can't guarantee that every time I draw them, they will look the same... but... ^_^.
    For a little character description, currently in New Trials, (after the winter vacation,) S+S are in their third year of Seijou Junior High... (This will be equivalent to ninth grade in the Japanese system.) Umm... they're around 15, I think. (Please don't be too technical about if their b-days passed, etc. ^_^. As you can tell, Sakura grew her hair long. Do you prefer short? I think I like it long... (I think Tomoyo-chan does, too, when she prepares battle outfits.) Sakura usually wears it gathered in a ponytail at the top of her head. Sometimes she just ties half of it up w/ a ribbon, and sometimes she does the hairstyle that she always used to do in the anime... Tying it at each side of her head.  (The fanart doesn't do any of these... I know... Just a random hairstyle~) He he... To tell you the truth, my favorite type of hairstyle is just putting it down. (Most anime/manga characters look best that way, too.) But, I noticed that when a character puts her hair down just once in a while, it looks really special and beautiful, but if they do it all the time, it's not that special and gets boring after a while. So, I stuck with tying her hair. Don't know if you get what I mean~
    Anyways... S+S are supposed to be in their school summer uniforms right now... But if you noticed, I forgot to draw buttons down Sakura's vest, and neither of them are wearing their school ties. Err... Syaoran's hair color turned out lighter than I wanted it to. (I prefer his hair color in the anime, though I love Syaoran in whatever form.) I think this fanart is closer to the manga style than the anime... Oh yeah, it was done in water color.  In the future, I will try to draw specific scenes from New Trials, such as S+S modeling in New York, the camping scene, playing violin, auditioning for the school production, riding the horse, fighing different forces, etc. And I'll try to get my friend to scan up pics of Erika and Eron, Eriol, Miho, Kaitou Magician, Aki, Asuma, Arima, Tomoyo, Meirin, Takashi, Chiharu, Touya, Yukito, Fujitaka, Nadeshiko, Ryuuren, Leiyun, uh... did I forget anyone? HOE-E!