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Sakura and Syaoran in Battle Costumes

Wish-chan: Well, I guess this is the first time I drew both Sakura and Syaoran in battle gear, full body. I think someone e-mailed me, asking me to draw Sakura with her staff, and Syaoran with his sword, so I did. Haha¡¦ drew it in the library while I was supposed to be studying for Econ Test. They¡¯re in the typical battle-pose I guess. Tomoyo-chan interjects: Sakura-chan¡¯s theme of the day is ¡®mermaid/siren¡¯ and the fashion concept of the day is asymmetry. Ho ho ho¡¦


*        *        *        *        *        *


Syaoran: Oy, Sakura!

Sakura (turns around): Hoe?



Wish-chan: This is just a really rough sketch of S+S I did while I was supposed to be studying for my Political Science exam. Out of the six pics I drew, I think I liked the atmosphere in this one the best so I scanned it up. Yes, I only get motivated to draw when I need to study. Ah, I survived on 3 hours of sleep max this week. Haha¡¦ Anyway, the scene probably lies along the lines of: Setting - at school. Sakura walks obliviously. Someone tugs her hair. She turns around to see Syaoran, grinning like a boy. Or something like that. Syaoran¡¯s just acting cute as usual. It¡¯s rare to see him laughing like that, nee? Sakura-chan seems pretty surprised too. He he¡¦ Syaoran loves it when Sakura French-braids her hair ¡®cause he loves playing with it, a habit acquired from over the spring/summer they lived together.