Sakura and Syaoran New Trials Colored Fanart 2007


This is a compilation of fanarts I drew over the fall, mostly during break times at work, on recycled paper (pretending to being environmentally friendly). ^^; I know I draw lots of random fanart, but these are mostly for specific scenes, or behind the scenes themed. Most of them started as rough sketches, though ended up coloring them because I’m going through a rare coloring phase. I am also open to suggestions of what to draw, what people want colored. I’ve stopped outlining with ink—it takes too much time and effort, so the lineart will always be just pencil sketches. I have more yet that I was too lazy to scan. I usually dislike drawing backgrounds, but for these, I’ve put some effort into including backgrounds and props. I actually like this set fanarts a lot, though I can’t decide which one is my favorite, for they are mostly scenes that hold sentimental value in New Trials.




Sakura and Syaoran’s FIRST KISS: Sunrise

Yes, I finally drew it. It’s in the train, on the way to Kusakou for the Best Couple Contest. Woohoo~ It took them 32 chapters of New Trials PLUS 70 anime episodes/ 12 manga volumes to kiss... Whew. Kudos to Amethyst Beloved for the Appendices of the Second Arc—I didn’t even remember which chapter the kiss was in, so I had to use the summaries! I went ahead and colored it recently—I usually don’t like drawing backgrounds but I’ve been making an effort recently to draw backgrounds. If you can’t tell, S+S are in a train @.@, and I drew the sunrise over the mountains, though I’ve never been able to tell the difference between sunset and sunrise.



You Came and Rescued Me

Sketch of Syaoran catching Sakura as she is about to collapse, after sealing the Plague. Scene from Chapter 52. I was listening to MINK’s Rescue Me ~ Kimi ga ita kara~ A very pretty, sweet song... I like to think that even is Sakura’s unconscious as she fall, she instinctively holds on to Syaoran, who is right by her side to catch her. By the way, I’ve decided that my “fanart” is indeed fanart, not canon, because I don’t think my artistic skills really do justice to the way I picture scenes in my mind. Then again, I’m not quite sure if my writing does either >.<. Lol…  If one didn’t know any better, this seems like a romantic scene, no? (not up yet)



Sakura Sleeping in Syaoran’s Bed During A Thunderstorm

Despite the title, the premise is innocent enough, and we all know that Syaoran is a gentleman. Nonetheless, this picture stand-alone, without context is a bit… how should I put it… PG 13? It’s literally as the description says. Sakura’s fallen asleep on Syaoran’s bed, as in Chapter 27 during the thunderstorm.


Chapter 27:  Galloping Through Thunderclouds

She continued with a wistful smile, “I’m glad you opened up to me. Thanks for telling me about all this. I always wanted to be a good friend to you, someone that you trust enough to share your problems and worries at any time.”

A lightening crashed, and the electric light lit up both their faces for a split moment. A distant thunder boomed outside.  Instead of looking away in embarrassment or saying something gruffly as usual, Syaoran gazed directly at her, bearing her through with those penetrating amber eyes. “Is that all you ever want to be to me? Just a good friend?”

A jolting bolt ran through her, forcing her to look directly into Syaoran’s golden brown eyes, trying to search for any hidden meanings. Abruptly, he shifted his hand out of Sakura’s. Her sweating hands dropped onto her lap; she didn’t realize she had continued to hold his. Breathing rapidly, she tried to digest what he had just said. The rain splattered on the window, while the thunder grew more distant. Every time she tried to say something, a gulp formed in her throat. Finally, she began slowly, “Syaoran… I—”

She gazed at Syaoran’s head, propped against his pillow. He was motionless, except for his soft breathing. He was sleeping.

“No,” she whispered hoarsely. “I want to be more to you than just a friend.”



HahaEver wondered what happened after the last scene of Chapter 27? Sakura eventually fell asleep… but of course Syaoran could not REALLY fall asleep after what Sakura told him. So, he stayed up the entire night, watching Sakura sleep. Somehow, Sakura rolled over on the bed closer and closer to him, until she’s basically sleeping on his lap. He’s tucking her under the blankets, and even if he wants to make her move, she’s holding onto him so he can’t leave. And Sakura-bear is watching… keke… This is like a companion to the S+S Heaven fanart I did some years ago, with Syaoran sleeping on Sakura’s lap. Please don’t ask me why Syaoran is shirtless in this pic… I just wasn’t given the opportunity to draw sexy Syaorans, and I’m just milking it at the first given opportunity. I have never drawn a single Syaoran-pic to fan service myself. So just this one, let me be. ^^; He seems rather wolvish in this pic, most likely because Sakura seems so innocent and vulnerable. Lol… This might be my favorite picture of Syaoran in the bunch.




Syaoran stealing Sakura’s Ice Cream


I’ve taken to drawing chibis, kids and SD figures lately. I don’t usually draw chibis—but I think CLAMP’s chibi characters are SOOOOO cute… Like chibi-Sakura and chibi-Syaoran in CCS and TRC—I just want to hug them. I’m not quite sure if I ever included this particular scene in NT—I know there are similar scenes, but can’t remember if I used ice cream theme. Anyhow, Sakura just bought ice cream and is very happy to eat it—but Syaoran comes and takes a bite of her ice cream. She looks very sad that Syaoran ate her ice cream in this pic. ^^ Syaoran had to buy her a new cone of ice cream afterwards. ^^ I think I’ve never properly drawn S+S’s middle school uniforms—that’s because I kept changing my mind on what I wanted it to look like. The design here is basically loosely based on CLAMP’s design at the end of the manga—though in the manga, Sakura’s skirt only has three pleats instead of being full pleated. Oh well… I originally drew the picture with Sakura’s skirt black, but changed it to white, like in the manga. I think the school has two skirts—the girls can choose white or black skirts. Or maybe black skirts are for winter and white for summer. I don’t know. >.< I recently drew a chibi-series of all the main characters in uniform. I’ll post that up soon.





Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero-chan Christmas


Okay, this one’s not S+S. I’ve drawn numerous holiday fanart and never got around to posting them up. Lol… For Halloween, I drew a vampire Eron ready to bite Sakura, but I never scanned that one. I wonder why. Lol… This is the first time I think I got around to scanning a Christmas fanart (believe me, I’ve drawn plenty before.) You can’t really tell, but the thing Sakura and Tomoyo are holding is a Kero-shaped cake. Everything, including the Santa hat, is made of icing on chocolate cake, not that you can tell. It looked like a beheaded Kero-chan, so I had to add in the real Kero-chan afterwards. I never really feel compelled to draw Kero-chan, because Kero will always be Kero… He never really will change physically, whereas the other characters do age. Anyway, this is the first time I’ve posted a Sakura and Tomoyo colored fanart! I can’t believe it! It’s really about due time. This fanart, after I drew it, reminded me of the song Fruits Candy, CCS Ending 3. ^_^ Anyhow, Merry Christmas 2007!





Sakura in a Kimono and Syaoran New Year’s Eve Festival at Tsukimine Shrine


Chapter 49.9 scene where Syaoran kisses Sakura on the cheek. It’s rare that a picture I draw influences what I write, but I think this is the first time I drew a picture before writing the scene. Lol… It was fun drawing Sakura in a kimono—I liked making the pattern on the obi the best. I always wanted to draw Sakura in a kimono. Cute enough to make Syaoran’s heart flutter. KekePoor Kero-chan, getting smushed in the face. Evil Syaoran… The fireworks are actually ones I took at Disney World in Magic Kingdom over spring break—best fireworks ever. Yup, I’m a child at heart. I love Disney. Sakura’s wearing her hair up in two buns again. Reminiscent of CCS days, huh… ^^


New Year’s Special Omake


Also for Chapter 49.9… It’s just a four panel comic that I made for fun. I’m actually quite pleased about how it turned out… It includes Kero-chan’s endeavors to intervene—something you would not be able to tell from the main story. Lol… Somewhere in the bushes are Tomoyo and Eriol, also, I suppose. ^_^ Please enjoy!



More coming!