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The New Trials Fan Community

The New Trials Yahoo Group—Great place to get updates and bond with other CCS and NT fans! Bunch of fanart and other stuff in the Files section, great discussion and polls. Best Fanfiction group ever, best people. ^^ But I’m biased.


The CCS New Trials Forum NEW

The New Trials forum created by Am3692 where you can discuss about latest chapters, introduce yourself, CCS, Tsubasa and other fanfiction and fanart…


The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura at fanfiction.net

The Fanfiction.net link to New Trials, currently maintained by none other than Amethyst Beloved, and account originally set up by Digidynasty.


The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura Summary

Chapter by chapter summaries by Amethyst Beloved at fanfiction.net! Now we don’t have to reread the looong chapters!


Wish for a Star: New Trials of Card Captor Sakura

The original Geocities link to my site is still up if you ever need a backup—not updated though.


New Trials Ring Mirror Site
Mirror site for this group, contains group files, information etc created by Selenity—awesome site with ALL of everyone’s fanarts!


International New Trials Day Webpage
Webpage created to celebrate International New Trials Day (Sept 1st) by webmistress Serenie-chan!


Lilcherryblossom4’s Fanart Page

More awesome fanart Atlantis Forester (my, I remember these from ages ago) and lilcherryblossom4's New Trials fanart and other artwork.


Wish-Chan ~ New Trials
The Facebook group—it’s everywhere!


New Trials: The Summary
Home for NT chapter summaries— set up by Angel Keia.


New Trials Trailer

Ever wonder what New Trials would have been like if it were a movie? Credits go to Director Kirei Blossom (maybe the next Tomoyo!)


Beautiful Goodbye

Lovely New Trials songfic by Digidynasty… It’s really such a pretty, touching song.


The Xanga New Trials Ring

The Xanga group created by spartangirl3792!


New Trials Community Livejournal

It’s everywhere!


Which New Trials Character Are You?

Take the quiz at quizilla by rubimoon!


Selentyshiroi’s Lovely Fanart on Deviantart.com

Lovely fanarts of the entire gang… yummy Kai… actually, just type in “New Trials” in deviantart.com and you get great fanarts from enkaii, nightlyvisions and asumei as well… They’re all up on the Yahoo Group, I think.


A Escolha Certa

Portuguese translation of my One-Shot Fanfic: The Right Choice, by Liber Logaeth—why does it sound cooler in a different language? ^_^;


Card Captor Sakura AMV – Sakura Drops

Beautiful AMV by ellie-chan/rubimoon. 


The Fanart 100 Project is currently in the works, organized by none other than Amethyst Beloved. Visit Amethyst Beloved’s deviantart account for the latest additions. Go to the New Trials Ring for more information about this wonderful project that is currently 95% complete. Yay! And contribute if you have fanart.


I’m sure I’m missing things, so please let me know and I will add it here!





Links not Related to New Trials and Card Captor Sakura…



Full Moon wo Sagashite AMV – At the Beginning

My very first amv—from the wonderful anime Full Moon wo Sagashite, with the beautiful song by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis from the animation Anastasia (one of my favorite non-Japanese animations. The other is obviously Beauty and the Beast. Lol… Considering I once wrote a fanfic called Beauty and the Wolf.) I made this years ago, when there were barely any Full Moon AMV (animated music video) out there. Lots of people posted this up on Youtube—the one w/ the most viewers and comments got deleted for some reason, but I guess there are several other people who posted it up. I don’t think I even have the original copy myself because my computer crashed. Sigh… If anything, this is sort of New Trials related, just because “At the Beginning” sort of what captures the essence of New Trials—if I can give Sakura a theme song, I would give her this song. And Richard Marx has an oh-so sexy voice. Listen to his version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” The most romantic song ever.


Honey & Clover AMV – The Rose

AMV of one of my newer favorites, the anime Honey & Clover, which is a slice-of-life anime about five art school students… It’s an anime that just touches your heart. Also, it helps if you’re in college and you’re going through what the characters are going through. Anyway, the song “The Rose” originally written by Amanda McBroom and sung by Bette Midler has one of the most touching lyrics ever. It literally explores every aspect of love that is possible… Another reoccurring theme in New Trials. ^^ This version of “The Rose” is with Westlife.


Honey & Clover AMV – Total Eclipse of the Heart

C’mon—admit it you love this song. A Westlife remake of the Bonnie Tyler classic. Anyway, another AMV I made of Honey & Clover—there really weren’t enough AMV’s back then to do justice to this great anime. (Okay, sorry… I guess I was ‘busy’ but I was also doing other things than writing the next NT chapters—it requires less brainwork to create AMV’s—though it’s equally as frustrating cutting the clips and getting the time right and having Movie Maker crash all the time.) 


Well… That’s my other closet hobby—I rarely finish an AMV because it takes too much computer memory, it’s hard to get the clips and well… my computer sort of freezes. I had a New Trials/CCS one of fanarts and CCS clips that crashed along with my laptop. I’ve decided to stick with writing, but AMVs are definitely fun to make. Was never inspired to make a CCS AMV because there are just too many out there. I would some day like to make a “New Trials” anime opening w/ Utada Hikaru’s “Sakura Drops” and the ending with Maaya Sakamoto’s “Strobe no Sora.”






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