The New Trials Special:

The Legacy of the Five Forces


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Approximately a century and a half ago, towards the end of the Edo Feudal Era in Japan and long before the age of Clow Reed, five different individuals joined hands to form the legendary Circle of the Five Forces. These five came from varying backgrounds, wielded diverse powers and carried different opinions. Li Shulin from Shanghai, who wielded the power of elements, Landon Reed from England, who wielded the power of contract magic, Mizuki Mayura, from Kyoto, who wielded the power of celestial bodies and Amamiya Hayashi, from Edo (modern-day Tokyo), who wielded the power of the second sight and Chang Ruichi, from unknown origins, who wielded the power of the light and dark, were the five who became the Great Ones, the most powerful in a time of change and development in the East. Differences set aside and strengths combined, these five joined hands to create a camaraderie of the greatest of the gifted, with desire to maintain peace and harmony in the world and find meaning in their strength. In doing so, the Great Five as they were called, created a legend known only to those who were exposed to the Other World, the world of the sixth sense sometimes bestowed upon mankind, the world of the magically gifted.





Preface and Chapter One: The Legend Begins

Chapter Two: First Meeting in the Woods NEW




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Li Shulin and Amamiya Hayashi in Springtime


Sketch of the Great Five


See if you can guess who each are—its kind of hard w/out color, I know. Starting from top left, clockwise, its Mayura, Landon, Hayashi, Shulin and Ruichi. Its a horrible scan, I know. I mean, I took it from a digital camera. It wasnt intentional, but Ruichi came out the most faded—well, it worked out. The theme of this sketch is opposite. Everyones wearing an expression opposite from what they usually wear. Mayura usually is expressionless, Landon usually looks bored (but he looks kinda direct and sincere in this pic), Hayashi usually is smiling (he looks kind of scary in this one), Shulin always looks self-assured (but she looks hesitant and uncertain in this one), and Ruichi always looks angry (but he looks kind of quiet and reflective here.) haha Just some randomness.