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Once a generation emerges a mastermind that can execute the perfect crime and create a legacy in the criminal underworld. Though his real identity is unknown, to the police, the media and the common people, he is known by one alias, Kaitou Magician, the mysterious phantom thief. An international top 10-wanted criminal that has stolen from crown jewels to priceless paintings, the notorious Thief of the Night has taken the media by storm with his dynamic and charismatic style. He is a gentleman and a magician, an anti-hero and criminal, a free-spirit that no police can capture and no human knows the face of. But in daytime, he is simply Mizuki Kai, a reckless delinquent with no family, no friends and no conscience. But who was Mizuki Kai before he became the notorious Kaitou Magician? The thief who steals not for wealth, power nor fame¡¦What motivates the Thief of the Night? How did one bright boy end up falling into the world of darkness? And what brought this waylaid thief to cross paths with our beloved Card Captor Sakura?


Now, let the story of the mysterious Kaitou Magician¡¯s origins unfold¡¦.





The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura Special

Kaitou Magician Origins



Spoilers for those who haven¡¯t read beyond New Trials Chapter 59


Part One: Prince of Light

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five


Part Two: Thief of the Night

Chapter Six  NEW

Chapter Seven IN WORKS




Kaitou Magician Fanart


Kaitou Magician - Night and Day

Miho and Mikai in a locket

Kaitou Magician First Colored

Keisuke, Miara, Nadeshiko, Ryuuren

Kara First Sketch

Kai and Meilin Color

Young Kai and Kara

Leon Reed First Sketch




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