Mizuki Mayura

This is just a rough sketch of Mizuki Mayura, around 17, the ancestor of those of the Mizuki line, ie. Miho, Mikai, Miara, and Kaho. Like those of the Mizuki line, she was skilled in archery and also was the priestess of the Mizuki Temple or the "miko". She also had red-auburn hair and coal gray eyes. Unlike her fellow female companion in the Great Five, Li Shulin, Mayura was much more of a staid, composed, and peace-loving person, who spoke with carefully chosen words and chose to avoid conflicts with others. She was the holder of the Mirror of Truth, which grew to be a family heirloom until modern day, when the C.E.O. of the Kinhoshi Enterprise, Kinomoto, arranged to take the Mirror in exchange for the debts of the Tanaka household.

Li Shulin

Li Shulin, the greatest beauty of the Eastern World and the ancestor of Syaoran, Meilin, Ryuuren, and Leiyun, was the most powerful Chosen One ever in the Li Clan. She wielded the Five Force Sword, the treasure of the Li Clan. It is said that her true love was Amamiya Hayashi from an old Japanese Samurai family, but for mysterious reasons, she married Lord Landon Reed of England, an English noble-turned magician and had one son, Clow Reed with him. Shulin was famous for her fiery temper rivaled by only Landon Reed's, and these two were notorious for their bickering and conflicts. Shulin and Mayura were good friends because Mayura's calmness and staidness often pacified Shulin's rashness.   

  It is said that Li Ryuuren resembled Shulin the most in terms of skills, good looks, and temperament. Both were said to be the most powerful of the Eastern lands during their time. Shulin has amber eyes like Syaoran and long black hair like Meilin. Neither she nor Landon paid much attention to or spared much love for their only son, Clow, which might partially have been the cause of Clow becoming such a solitary and twisted person.

To come: Landon Reed (First name first, last name last in the Western fashion), Amamiya Hayashi, Chang Ruichi, Chang Risa (not of the Great Five but closely correlated.