~Anime/Manga... The difference~
Well, I gotta say that both the manga (by CLAMP) and the anime are really excellent quality. The good thing about the manga is that you can have it in front of you and ponder and notice all the little details and dialogue (plus the beautiful drawings are by CLAMP). Meanwhile, in the anime, you can have the action in front of you and feel the thrill and excitement. I advise, try both, it's worth it. In the anime, there are a lot more cards and many more added adventures... Some of them are really good.

Another difference is that in the anime, Syaoran does catch Clow Cards, while in the manga, he catches NONE!!! (Syaoran: Ha ha very funny... death glare...) He fails in the test against Yue. Oh yeah, and the anime includes new characters such as Li Meirin, his cousin and fiancée, and Wei, this butler guy. I think that Meirin adds a nice flavor to the anime and should have been included in the manga to... Just another reason to see the anime.

Lastly, the endings are slightly different. On NHK, the anime ended earlier than the actual manga, that's why. Must see anime episodes (for S+S fans) are the Time episode (Syaoran catches his first card and you get to drool over his soccer skills,) the strength episode, the Sugary episode (this is very funny,) the Move episode (gosh, this is so funny... Syaoran had been trying to avoid Sakura the whole day because of some fortune... Trying to catch the Move card, they both fall into the stream. Meirin first appears at in the end, and throws her arms around Syaoran, announcing that she is his fiancee... while getting mad at Sakura cuz she's wearing Syaoran's shirt, which Meirin gave him), (booha ha ha... oh yeah... luv Syao-chan's outfit. 

See my explanation of where he gets his great fashion sense is Chapter 12 of my on-going fanfic, New Trials ^_^.


In the Change episode (Syaoran and Kero's body switches, and you can just imagine what happens... Kero in Syaoran's body makes a fool of himself... he he) the Dream episode (explain later... so sweet,) the Sand Episode (rehearsal of Sleeping Beauty almost... KISSING!!!) the Elevator episode(an alterered version of how Syaoran calls Sakura's name,) the Ski episode, (see  Syaoran carry Sakura on his back) umm... there are more, but I need to think... These episodes are scenes that don't happen in the manga. Of course there are lotsa lotsa sweet episodes based on the manga.