Dear Readers,
Well, I just had to come up with a way to address the guestbook and reviews and e-mails. 
Wow, I can¡¯t believe how many guestbook entries I received even though I haven¡¯t updated in months¡¦ Thank you so much¡¦ sniffles. And reviews.
Hehe¡¦ I¡¯m not sure if I am supposed to be reading my Bravenet guestbook anymore. But anyway, thanks all of you, especially all of you who have written multiple entries, yes I know who you are, it¡¯s really encouraging. Ah, Div, you¡¯re the only one who truly understands college freshman year life. Haha¡¦ 
International New Trials day? Sniffles¡¦ I really never realized that I would still have readers by now, five years after I began New Trials, and that I could actually reach out to so many people, all over the world. But now that I think about it, New Trials is really like my child, I¡¯ve put in through my characters my life philosophies, my memories, books and anime I was influenced by, history, cultural aspects¡¦ I don¡¯t even know anymore. Most of all, my dreams and imagination. And the fact that I am able to share this side of me with so many people, and that readers reciprocate such aspects to me, makes this so meaningful. 
I have to thank CLAMP for the basis of the CCS plot and characters, but some of them feel really like my children now. Well, actually, Sakura is just Sakura, but for me, she portrays my most optimistic side, whereas Eron portrays my most pessimistic. I¡¯m glad that there are people who like him. ^^. 
Digidynasty/ Lexi-chan, I loved your songfic on New Trials. ¡°Beautiful Goodbye.¡± Yay, and surprisingly, I do know that song. It¡¯s a beautiful song. Everyone, read it on! Thanks so much for it! And I¡¯m glad you¡¯re still reading NT! You¡¯re one of my oldest supporters!!! 
I¡¯m sorry I didn¡¯t even update in between the long months, but that¡¯s just me. Updating by uploading and everything is such a hassle because I am so lazy. My best friend once made a theory about me: I¡¯m so lethargic because I think too much. I think too much about updating so I never get around to actually doing it. I know that has no logic.
Wish-chan¡¯s typical day is filled with Comparative Politics, Microeconomics, Modern European History and French¡¦ And dormlife. And sleep. Last semester, I think I got an average of like 4 hours of sleep per night. It was normal to sleep 4 in the morning. I did many all-nighters too¡¦ I never did all-nighters before college. Anyway, I am not trying to appeal for sympathy, but my moral is: sleep is important. Haha¡¦ I¡¯m getting more sleep this semester, but I don¡¯t know how long that will last. 
My question of the day: Selenie-chan from, how do you did you ever type magnificalafregilisticexpeladoiousantidisestablishmentarianistic? Besides copy and pasting like I did. Haha¡¦
My recent discovery is: Cherry Star-chan! I finally figured out what the BGM for the Bravenet Guestbook is. It¡¯s so pretty, and I¡¯ve been wondering for months. It¡¯s Final Fantasy X OST: Return to Zankarland. Mwuhahaha¡¦ I feel so proud of myself. Of course, it must have been a lot easier to just ask, but oh well. I like challenge. 
Wish-chan aka ¡°Sarah¡±
With the Christmas Theme of New Trials right now, this is my current favorite Christmas song: B¡¯z – Itsuka no Merry Christmas. Inaba Koshi has the sexiest voice ever. It¡¯s such a sad, lonely song. It¡¯s so pretty. Popstars like Hamasaki Ayumi and GACKT sang it too because it¡¯s their favorite, and this song¡¯s been at the top of JPOP charts every Christmas for years.